Nov 4, 2007

Fun with Debian

I am a long time linux user. My choice of distro is DEBIAN. I am amazed with this project, what has done and what is doing now.

The last little program that has come to my attention is "Qalculate", a powerful calculator. The windows calculator feels like a one-year boy TOY. It can do financial conversions, graphics, base changes, operation edits, etc... TRY IT!!!

Also, recently my Debian Unstable crashed while doing an upgrade (X-window-system was broken due to dependency problems, etc...), and I was forced to downgrade. Well, not exactly downgrade the system, I now have a mix of Unstable and Testing (the book "The Debian System" was of great help).

I can only say that we are very fortunate to have things like the GNU system, the Debian Project, all these free software that is so fantastic, in more aspects than one. I mean, it is great from the ethical point of view to use free software (in the sense Stallman says), and it is great from the technical point of view (I think UNIX and his derivatives are the technically superior OS).