Aug 13, 2007

My first post

What I shall talk about in my first post? mmmm.

Politics? life? technology? All these things are important. But, what is life? House (the doctor in the TV series) or someone from television said that life is a succession of rooms. And the people we meet in these rooms configure our lives. I think that's a good definition. It fits for me.

Life it's tough sometimes. It's a survival game. You have to be competitive, you have to do certain things to live comfortably. For example, you need to work. I think working is good, I certainly enjoy my work (sometimes), but I don't like the obligation. I mean, I don't wanna be forced to work. I want to work for myself, in what I like, when I like.

In the capitalist society we all live (Europe and States), it's all about the money. It's the real thing: You can't live without money. And money is what commits people to do stupid things (sometimes). Working should be a pleasant thing to do. Everybody should be granted a monthly pay (for basic things like buying food and clothes). Repetitive jobs should be done by machines. Working should be a voluntary activity.

What pisses me off it's the power that the employer has over the worker. The pressure is constant: extra meetings, more money promises, etc... That forces the employee to give up his life to commit to the work, even if he doesn't want to. Maybe he would be more happy staying at home, learning some new computer language...

Well, enough about that. We will have time for more discussions like this.